Tinti Treasure Chest


Tinti Treasure Chest

The Tinti Treasure Box contains lots of high quality bath products for children, turning washing and bathing into a fun and enjoyable experience.

With food colours, without preservatives, very good skin tolerance and dermatological controls through recognised institutes. Does not stain the skin or the bath. Simply rinse out the bath with clear water after the bath fun.

Tinti stimulates the imagination and creativity: Children discover the magic of colours. The colourful underwater world lets children be creative and form their own imaginative world of play.

  • 1x Painting Soap
  • 1x Crackling Care Bath
  • 5x Bathwater Colour
  • 2x Crackling Bath
  • 2x Bath confetti
  • 1x Magic Bath blue
  • 1x South Sea Pearls
  • 1x Magic towel
  • 1x boat
  • 1x sponge